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…God’s power always goes beyond our understanding, just as His love is always beyond our expectations..

* God’s sovereign power at work in the World is such that He can provide for the needs of his people anywhere, anytime. Though his people may have been banished to the ends of the earth, God knows where His people are.He can reach out to them with the blessing they need. They may go far from God, but God is never far from them. He may have to let people endure hardship and suffering for a short time in order for them to turn to Him again in their hearts, but God is ready and able to extricate them from their suffering any time they are ready to turn to Him.

…God’s Heart would far rather pour itself out in Love than in wrath…

* Although he may have to chastise His people,God will continue to show loving concern for them. He stands out ready to pour out renewed blessings upon them when they learn their lesson and return to Him in faith.

…what God expects of us is not something beyond our capabilities..

* He is not arbitrary and unrealistic in His expectations of us. He is loving heavenly who has reasonable expectations that His children will respond to Him in faithfulness and loving obedience.When we understand that we live in God’s World, and that He wants us to have a full and meaningful life in His world,then we understand that His commands are not foreign to our best interests.

That is how any thoughtful parent shapes demands of children.

* God’s unique character becomes apparent as His people find refuge and hope in Him.God’s saving acts give a unique identity to his people.

..History shows that God is the only reliable source of security..

* To make Himself known to His people,God empowered human leaders to lead in historical acts as God’s acts.God entrusted his revelation to human agents so other humans could identify with it, trust it,and witness to it.

…God does not wish to remain a mystery.. rather,He wishes to reveal Himself as one true God to all people ..

* God sometimes acts dramatically in His world so that others who look with a degree of sensitivity and perceptiveness will recognize Him as God.If one looks about for evidence of God, it is not hard to see God’s hand in many things .

…God is creator not only of His world but also of us, His people..

The full sounds of a human orchestra are needed to sound God’s praises through the earth.

..Praise should be high, loud,and joyous..







…why do you see the speck that is in other’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye..take the log out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of other’s eye…

My Special thankful note to

Dr Shabnam Gurung for motivating me to pen down on this soul searching concept 😊 .Inspired me to take a deep dive into the ocean of my thoughts,Psychology,varied theories and philosophical aspect behind the universal human tendency,to blame , which is all around us-not just in politics, but in business, at school, workplace,among family members and friends. Perhaps even today you have participated in -or heard someone blaming others for a mistake, fault or error that has caused inconvenience or pain.

B L A M E :

.. In gen. feel or declare that someone or something is responsible for a fault or wrong.

* Blaming is a characteristic of individual’s social behavior and reflects individual’s psychological fear of failure.

In our society there are three kinds of people,

one: who have adequate moral courage to accept the responsibility of result.

Second : people who do not have adequate courage to accept the failure but at the same time they possess some moral values that stops them blaming others for their failure and their final act of blaming depends on the circumstances as well as the intensity of the result.

Third : people who possess no moral values and will have no hesitation to blame others for their failure, but on the other hand they will leave no stone unturned to take the credit for the success .

* According to Psychology, blame,a psychological projection is a defence mechanism in which human Ego defends itself against Unconscious impulses or qualities(both +ve & -ve) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

* A’ blamer ‘ is a type of narcissist who in their own eye, can do no wrong .Everything that happens wrong around or to them,whether their own fault or not, is immediately blamed on the other people in their life.

* A Scapegoat ,an expedient on the other hand is a person who is blamed for the wrong doings, mistakes or faults of others, esp for reasons necessary to achieve something, though not always right or fair.

* Self Blame is a cognitive process in which an individual attributes the occurence of a stressful event to oneself. The direction of blame often has implications for individual’s emotions and behaviors during and following stressful situations . Self blame is a common reaction to stressful events and has certain effects on how individuals adapt to it.

..self blame is a component of self directed emotions like guilt and self disgust..

Thus blaming self repeatedly invites negative thoughts, anxiety and depression which can have an adverse effect on mental being of an individual and also on physical being, as our brain has an ability to convert stressful mental energies into physical pain in any part of the body. Instead of blaming self it’s better to take the responsibility and lesson learnt forever on self and move ahead deleting negative emotions from mind for a healthy mind and body.

* Blame Shifter, means changing our behavior to recognize and accept of whatever impact it had on our mind and we are keen to make changes and become a better person for our own sake and good and for the sake and good of those around us.

What will be your knee-jerk reaction would normally be? Is it embarassement, responsibility, fear, guilt, or feeling of inadequacy ??think it over.

When something happens that we know normally trigger a -ve defensive reaction from us, what do we do in that moment ?

Taking a deep breath and reframe the opportunity to learn. No one has ever gotten anywhere in life without experiencing some major failures along the way. Every single mistake we make from the tiny ones, teaches us life lessons and allows to grow. Its when we introspect and take responsibility to why things happened the way it happened.


Labelling theory accounts for blame by postulating that,“when intentional actions act out to continuously blame an individual for non-existent psychological traits and for non-existent variables those act or aim to induce irrational guilt at unconscious level” ..how blameworthy the person or persons are higher if it were an intentional act and higher if when unintentional they could have and should have prevented.why we respond to tragedies all wrong.

* According to Dr Alasko, there are two functions of blame, finding fault with another person or group and Transferring responsibility onto someone else, both by using criticism ,accusation,punishment and humiliation. We then use these behaviors for one of four reasons;

1. To change someone’s behavior.

2. To vent a feeling.

3. To escape personal responsibility.

4. To protect ourselves.

Second one deals with blame’s origins as part of the human FIGHT or FLIGHT instinct.

* It is posited, means put something forward as fact or as basis for argument that blame can be traced to our roots as social creatures, as a way of protecting one’s status within the community. we become a victim when we blame ourselves or others for some problem or error.

When we assign blame we are pointing the finger to who or what is responsible for a fault or for a wrong doing . We are trying to make others accountable .Blaming thus does not solve a problem it usually only makes people defensive.

…blame is a unique moral judgement ..that is both cognitive and social, regulates social behavior and fundamentally relies on social cognition ,i.e ,the process of obtaining knowledge through thought , experience and the senses.

Humans consciously and unconsciously make Judgements about other people. Provides a way of ‘devaluing ‘ others with the end result that the blamer feels superior seeing others as less worthwhile making the blamer perfect.

…the behavior of blaming can also be related to LEADERSHIP.. the People who have courage to ACCEPT the RESPONSIBILITY of the result can be GOOD LEADERS in the society..

Whereas the people who have the habit of blaming others can lead to unhealthy and harmful environment in the society in long run.

..blaming other people can provide us with an excuse to act in a hurtful manner.. it’s a way of justifyng our actions to ourselves to remove our brain’s natural inhibitions that are there to prevent us from behaving poorly toward others..

Means we can build a thought pattern that allows us to act in a way that our moral compass would normally prevent.

* According to motivational Psychology, blame is the demonstrated lack of self respect choosing to deposit one’s -ve actions onto others to reinforce one’s view of being good, fair and approved. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are looking for external reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration .You may succeed in making another feel guilty about something by blaming, but you won’t succeed in changing whatever it is about you that is making you unhappy .

* According to Organization Psychlogy, Blame Business Life by Stephen Fineman ,Blame is fascinating – it shapes our lives. It can be a benign (cheerful and kindly) way of positioning ourselves, a gentle ,joust or banter, or it can be poisonous,hurtful or devastating for its victims . It can.. tear apart bonds, fracture work relationships, disable major social programmes , can inflict damage on powerful corporations ; it can bring down governments, it can start wars and justify genocides.

Blame creates biases. We accuse others to defend our position..

..biases get in our way affecting our perception of what really occured..its one sided and irrational .Taking ownership drives action.

..we focus on others instead of doing soul searching..

* Blame game can be addictive . Regardless of how well you play , you will never win . You create more suffering over your suffering.

…let the person who is without sin/mistake cast the stone… implies that nobody is blameless & hence is not qualified to blame others.

so why do we still put blame on others and at what costs to ourselves? Blaming someone for your wrongs will not take you to heaven. Take responsibility, do what is right and forget it. Bring the change and renew thoughts and personality .

…A bad/false blame will beat a good person everytime..

* We convince ourselves that it really is someone else’s fault, but sometimes we know we’re lying,easier that way.

* No matter how much people love us, there is only a certain number of times most people will tolerate taking the blame for something that genuinely wasn’t their fault.

* Face up and apologize, recognize that it was your mistake initially & that you made a second mistake in trying to escape taking responsibility for it. The discomfort of the situation will probably encourage you to own up at the first opportunity next time.

…sometimes we mess up spectacularly but we’re often guilty of making mountains from mole hills…

“Problem of major proportions in relationships that of noticing others’ personality flaws to the exclusion of our own weaknesses. The approach of true humility recognizes & begins work on our own faults first. We will do this when we step in the other person’s shoes and judge things from that perspective .This order builds from the essence of law referred as Golden Rule”.

* Behavioral aspect of blaming is a kind of Psychological dis-order which sets in from childhood stage.

…fear mongering & insecure environments are major factor contributing to inculcate the blaming attitude of any individual..

Supportive Parents & secure environment in Childhood can help the child to become stronger and accept the responsibility without any fear of failure.

…for each one should carry his own load…

* Individuals who are ready to accept their fault for their own or group failure are better learner whereas on the other hand people who blame others cannot learn from their mistakes because they failed to realise the actual cause of failure and hence will not take corrective measures for future.

* Accepting the responsibility for the result will not only help in analysing and taking corrective measures for better results but will also establish supremacy of the individual as a responsible reliable person .

…The Judgement does remind us not to unsurp GOD’s authority and Judge others …

…people having blaming attitude will have a tendency for rash/rude/escaping behavior ..


…stop looking out the window & look in the mirror…

Embrace the uncomfortable experience of challenging yourself


Be in a good positive company where expecting never brings hurting and blame on self and others.

Soulstuffed love to my adorable family/my handful genuine adorable besties for life for being there always with all luv and motivation.Heartfelt Thanks to all Good lovely people in my life for all positive vibes and motivation.



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An interesting topic to explore as Quantum Physicists peer into the nature of reality, the more evidence they are finding that everything is energy.

My Special thanks to” Dr Vinay Rananaware for suggesting me to pen down on this very vast and limitless concept with limitless researches and scientific findings.

..as a man thinks, so is he..

The Principle of Attraction is an evidence based phenomenon with a Foundation in Positive Psychology, goal achieving research, and mind-brain sciences.

The Principle of attraction is not magic and neither a Universal law. But everything in our Universe is all about Energy.

It is a social-scientific phenomenon which basically works on the Principle that,.

….Thoughts Controls Reality…

Means your positive attitude, beliefs and behavior will most likely bring you more to law of attraction.The Principle states that,

“Like tends to attract Like”

and therefore positivity attracts positivity and negativity -negativity.

The latest scientific discoveries point more and more to a fundamental Energy that works throughout the entire Universe and connects everything to everything else.

* The complete order of the Universe is determined including everything that comes into your life & that you experience. Does magnetic power of your thoughts, regardless of age, nationality, religious beliefs .

…..We are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe….

It is the law of attraction which uses the “Power of Mind” to translate whatever is in our thoughts and “materialize them into reality “

yes Magnetic effect of our own energy and thoughts with that of other people.

…Scientific facts prove that Law of attraction exists as per Research in Psychology, Philosophy ,Evolutionary Biology, Neuroscience and Genetics….

* Law of attraction has Platonic Roots, 391 BC. Famous Greek Philosopher Plato noted that “Like attracts Like”

your thoughts send out ‘magnetic vibrations’ that literally attract what you want to…

* Acc. to Positive Psychology Researcher,Barbara Fredrickson, +ve feelings tend to broaden our perspectives so that we notice the multitude of possibilities that are already there. There’s no need to attract good things, they are already around us,we just have to notice them.

* Acc. to Neurologists ,visualization creates a better future. Scientists working at the Wellcome Trust Centre for neuroimaging at the institute of Neurology in London have discovered that, people who visualize a better future are more likely to bring that future into existence, which is exactly what the law of attraction tells us. It says that,

…daily,vivid mental images of a better life help to draw that life towards us…

* Psychologists support the use of Affirmations (another key tool in our law of attraction Arsenal) . According to a research at the University of Exeter, it was found that people who consistently tell themselves that they can meet a goal are more likely to secure a Positive outcome.

…Affirmations are proven to help with recovery from trauma, improve anticipatory planning, aid treatment of depression and boost physical health…

Law of attraction was originally used in the late 1800s & promoted in Psychological Spiritual Circles, it gained popularity when it was promoted in the 2006 film The Secret (by Oprah Winfrey)

...Everything one wants/needs can be satisfied by believing in an outcome repeatedly thinking about it and maintaining positive emotional states to attract the desired outcome..

* Mirror Neurons help to explain the spread of good vibrations. For eg; when someone sees you radiating positivity, this same response is mirrored in the brain of the observer. This can draw them to act positively towards you as well. Studies on ” amygdala “(the brains emotional center) show that we induce feelings of fear and anxiety in others if we ourselves are fearful or anxious.

* Geneticists show that

…. limiting beliefs are inherited…

We should not feel guilty for our limiting beliefs but rather work to identify and change them. While you may have beliefs that are holding you back, you are not solely responsible for them.New Neurological evidence support our ability to manifest what we want from life.

…Law of attraction is the attractive magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together… It manifests through the “power of creation”,everywhere and in many ways….

Even the Law of gravity is part of the law of attraction.

This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations & circumstances

It is the law & power that brings together people of similar interests who unite into various groups,such as political gps, sports team/fans,friends,fraternities etc.one uses the power of mind, thoughts, imagination and words.

…is a manifestation of the ‘creative power of the universe’. It is through this law that everything is created : galaxies, planets, metals, rocks, plants/animals and people…


LOA MOTTO : ask > believe > receive

* The LOA is a Scientific approach ;…..Use of Energy to bring about what you want from you. By sending +ve or -ve energies throughout the Universe or cosmos to attract that of the same result..is a three step process. Energies sent must be accompanied by coinciding actions. Sending out the desired attraction will only attract the situations which enable us to create our own desire, results by the choices we make within that situation(actions speak louder than words).In the same way Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by a action, is dead.

* Faith is nothing but our complete trust or confidence in someone or something, in a person,a particular religion,remedy etc. …for eg; we trust in God and in his actions and promises. Strong /unshakeable belief in something esp without proof or evidence.

…faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen…

Faith is both Intellectual assent(believing that something is true) and Trust(Relying on the fact that something is true) .Aren’t we human beings have all our faith in God,the Almighty!

…We view God as a strong positive energy /force…

we are superb at asking and usually we are clear on what it is we want. As we pray and receive whatever we ask from him bcz we believe it will served.

...believing can be hard bcz we have to believe in the unseen inorder to get what we want..

“whatever you ask for in prayer believe that you have received it and it will be yours “Likewise we have faith in our close people/Friends as we look unto them thru our thick and thin. We love spending time/emotions /secrets with them cz of our immense faith and kind of same energy they vibrate as ours which is above caste, colour, age,religion etc.It just clicks.As we learnt above’ like attracts like’ which is nothing but LOA.

… LOA and Faith are similar ..

It is not enough just to wish for something,you need strong desire and faith to manifest what you want. In order for your thoughts to manifest you have to repeat them often & add feelings, desire & interest. The mind acts like a magnet. Similar energy attracts similar energy .

…we all use this law though most unconsciously…

* God created the world by speaking it into being. We are created in his image, therefore we too have a creative power to speak into situations and bring about radical change.

* The balance is the powerful spiritual principle that will allow the things we need to flow to us instead of us trying to visually divert them away.

…Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen…

* share your success stories with others so that their faith will be strengthened and they can receive encouragement.

…whatever is true/honorable/right/pure/good repute/praiseworthy,if there is any excellence, let your mind dwell on these things…

* Believe you deserve it and the universe will serve it.
…..”we do not look at the things which are seen but the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary but the things which are not seen are eternal“….


* Prayer as we are taught it deals with God who can hear us and if we ask something it will happen. That leads us to the LOA which talks about an invisible energy within the universe.

…prayer causes to focus and the law of attraction causes everything in the universe that’s in vibrational harmony with our focus to come to us…

* The LOA explains in the moment that someone desires something that it is given in an energetic format or their prayer is answered.

* Includes things that have been wanted that may not have even been verbalised as the LOA states that whatever is wanted is created instantly in any moment that someone has a preference for something to be better or different,no matter how subtle the preference may be.

* LOA is an extremely useful system as it provides techniques to help people shift their beliefs to get more into a mode of allowing in which they trust that what they have asked for has been given

.…its not about informing the universe what we want, as the universe is already aware of everything that we have ever asked for but rather it works by us focussing on what is wanted which activates the LOA and allows it to bring us more of what we have asked for…

* The Universe list can also be utilised to pray for others. The LOA states that focusing positively on other people from a place of alignment can be incredibly powerful and as thought operates on the level of non-physical energy,it is powerful whether they are in close proximity of living in a completely different location.we can only influence them in the direction of their own dreams and desires.

…APPRECIATION process in which we express or write down everything good that has happened and everything good that is already in our life keeps us in a receptive mode of allowing and feel happier as we notice how much the UNIVERSE IS ASSISTING US…




And the Crux is, It’s All About,



Heartfelt thanks to my family,all my adorable besties of life and all good people m associated with strong positive vibes and energy making everyday beautiful in the positive aura😊LOA binds usπŸ’ž.




The first and most important classroom in the school of life is home. Both father and mother are expected to assume responsibility for training and nurturing the minds of children. Learning kindles a desire for more learning. Parents must discipline children to have a chance in life. Without discipline and correction we never learn.

We learn a great deal, both good and bad, by imitating the behavior of others.

…This educational principle is widely recognized by contemporary Psychologists ..

A hunger for knowledge is the mark of a wise person

Wisdom makes us understand our need for learning.

*Observant parents and teachers know by experience that learners react differently to various forms of criticism and correction .Some children seem unaffected by even the harshest punishment; others wither under the mildest scolding.

* To a sensitive, intelligent child, a rebuke can sometimes accomplish more than a hundred stripes. The wise and effective teacher stays attuned to such individual differences.

Parental discipline should always be corrective in nature, never vindictive.

“let them do as they choose

*The learner’s self-discipline is more important than extremely imposed discipline.

The presence of good teaching does not guarantee learning, for learning is an active process in which learners seek knowledge and apply themselves to the task.

*Indifference, self -sufficiency, or dullness of mind can close our ears to words of wisdom.

We do not acquire knowledge by sitting passively and waiting for it. We must search for it as though it were a hidden treasure

*Beginning in infancy, human beings learn by imitating the behavior of others. The examples other set are not always positive .Negative emotions are contagious. Unfortunately, children whose parents are temperamental have no choice in the matter. Brought up under the daily influence of angry parents, they learn to be hot-tempered person themselves.

* By self-discipline and associating with the right people, we can unlearn bad habits acquired as children .

..We cannot blame our problems on our parents. We must take responsibility for ourselves and set good examples for our families, friends and associates…

As inspired😊….. To be contd.


What type of BRAIN do you actually have?

The ‘Brain’ is the central processing unit of the body and plays a key role in translating the content of the ‘Mind’.

The MIND (not to be confused with the brain )is a set of ‘cognitive faculties’ which includes our consciousness,perception,thoughts,feelings,attitudes,beliefs,memories,imagination,judgement,language, memory – Responsible for processing feelings and emotions resulting in attitudes and actions.

With all messages requesting to come up with another Psychology fun test,here Iam sharing an interesting test to find out, what type of brain do you actually have? Again for all those who did not attempt this test.keep suggesting guys,reinforces positively😊

…the mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is opened… Let’s explore

Answer the following questions and find out!

*For each question simply answer A, B, C, D, and E.

*Answer all ten questions ,track your points and add them up at the end.

*Be honest and instant ,it would be more revealing and related to you.

*Write down your options on a paper instantly.

*Remember in all the Psychological tests there is no right or wrong answers, so be free and enjoy.

1. How do you learn best?

2. How often do you use Emoji?

3. Choose one from the following

4. What do you find easiest?

5. You like to…

6. You like to associate with people who…

7. What study technique works best for you?

8. Which Job would you be most happy doing?

9. When faced with a familiar problem, what do you like to do?

10. The course of study best suited to you…

* Track your Points and Add up all the points:

1. A- 30, B-40, C-10, D-20, E-50

2. A-20, B-50, C-10, D-40, E-30

3. Square-50, Circle – 20, Triangle-30, irregular form-10,Rectangle-40

4. A-40, B-30, C-20, D-10, E-50

5. A-20, B-10,C-30, D-40, E-50

6. A-50, B-40, C-20, D-30, E-10

7. A-30, B-20, C-10, D-40, E-50

8. A-50, B-30, C-10, D-40, E-20

9. A-40, B-10, C-20, D-50, E-30

10. A-40, B-10, C-30, D-20, E-50



* 100-160 (CREATIVE BRAIN)

You have a creative brain. You love to come up with your own solutions to problems & likely to spend your free time in imagination ,of inventing something unique or creating new things, whether it be an art, writing content,decorating,or anything creative.


You have an emotional brain. You are easily upset but easily pleased too. You often feel as though your emotions are running your life. You can be moved easily, whether that’s a play, a movie,music, a book or simply an interaction on the street.

* 260-330 (MUSICAL BRAIN)

You have a musical brain. You feel a strong connection with music & often find yourself stuck with a ‘song ‘ in the back of your mind. You have a flexible mind that helps you understand & value thoughts and feelings in yourself and in others.

* 340-420 (LOGICAL BRAIN)

You have a logical brain. You are Patient, considerate and rational. You excel at Problem solving and attracted to logic puzzles, experiments, strategy games and arithmetic problems. You apply logic in everything you do.


You have a Philosophical brain. You’re intuitive and a deep thinker. You notice things what other people don’t. While most people just shake these thoughts away, you are drawn to such questions and instantly have logical answers for them which amazes people.

So what’s your brain type? we all have a combo of all but little higher on some parts.

..Hope you all enjoyed as much as I enjoyed putting it for you…😊

Everything is in mind πŸ˜‡



Political Psychology is a field that tries to understand Politicians, Politics and Political behavior from a Psychological view point.

* Studies the ways in which people are influenced by factors including motivation, beliefs, socialization, learning, strategies, personality attitudes, needs, expectations, goals, conflict, group dynamics and perception etc.

It was Harold D. Lasswell’s (1902-1978) pioneering work in Political Psychology that contributed to the field’s initial unidirectional nature, characterized by a focus on how the individual’s psyche shapes political behavior and values.

* Born in the decades between World War I and II,modern political psychology has developed to cause a wide variety of subjects :

1. Psychopathology and Politics (1930)

2. World Politics and Personal Insecurity (1935)

3.Politics: who gets what, when and how (1936)

4. Power and Personality (1948)

5. Power and Society (1950)

many concepts and theories to explain why rulers and subjects think and act as they do and how their thoughts and actions shape the course of politics,to explain political behavior and to examine the complex and reciprocal relationship between ‘Politics and Psychology ‘

.centered on the impact of individual (human thinking and behavior) and Social Psychological Process.


Create Vision – Articulate Vision – Passionately own the Vision

Democracy is one of the best ways to run a diverse society.Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants not simply observers. Democracy is not just an Election, it is our Daily Life.

Largest democracy in the World always boasts of the longest written constitution ,but it still failed to leave a significant mark at global arena, noticeable contribution towards humanity and to unite the various factions of society with a strong sense of unity.

During the years it has been led by variety of leaders and political parties as well.

* on one hand the scions of political families occupy the top executive positions in a country and on the other hand people rising from humble background have occupied the top positions.

But most of the time the common man has felt cheated by these political leaders.

* The leaders were found with lack of commitment to the Nation and deprived of essential credentials to develop a harmonious society.The conduct of political communities and language used by them in public meetings raise serious questions on the political culture of Political system.

Politicians are same everywhere.Political parties are behaving like ‘political factions ‘and political leaders like ‘political masters’.

* In today’s scenario a political culture has set where votes are being asked and casted on the basis of cast, clout, religion and/or party’s affiliation but not on the merit of candidates. Since the candidate is elected on the name of party or religion so he loses his say in the Parliament.

* Even if some elected candidate possess some element of merit that is getting lost because of unethical political trends in the political system.Political leaders are supposed to be the competitors or at the worst scenario the adversaries of the opponent but certainly not the enemies of another party members.

* The illicit language and unhealthy propaganda used by the political leaders are causing to set unrest in the already diverse society in a country.

“The politicians are supposed to be the ‘parliamentarian’ but the language used by them is most un-parliamentary language”.

* Politicians are supposed to be the law makers but they are the first ones to take law into their hands.Elected leaders are supposed to establish harmony in the society but they are the sole reason to cause unrest in the country.

* In a mature and sensible democracy, the elected leaders are answerable to the common man accountable for period in power and in true sense are the employees of the common man-the employer. But because of poor selection and election of candidates by political parties and voters respectively, the power is going into the hands of either corrupt or over ambitious leaders. Ultimately it harms the growth of society and credibility of the nation. A good political leader should ask vote for his strength or work done in past, if any.

But unfortunately a political culture has set where votes are being asked in the weakness of the opponents, on the name of religion /caste or by emotional befooling the common man on other irrelevant issues.

* The agenda to win the elections is required to be set on the basis of Nation’s futuristic requirement and steps to establish harmony in various factions of the society but in this largest democracy the agenda for winning election is drifted towards non-significant historical issues, freebies and propagandas. Leaders are trying to scale the political ladder on the basis of propaganda, false promises and not on the basis of merit.

* The conduct, language and vision of good political leader are supposed to be inspirational but on the other hand in today’s environment, politicians are stooping new low in their conduct.The poor conduct and false promises of politicians have generated a strong sense of disbelief for political leaders.

* The failure of modern leaders to show any restrain on their tongue is worrisome for political culture in the largest democracy.

This is the high time to channelize the politics of the democracy for betterment of society and in the interest of the nation.

* The common man need to rise above his emotional quotient and elect the candidate on the basis of the merit of the candidate and certainly not on the basis of candidate’s affiliation with popular party or dominant social/economic status. * The nation everywhere needs the leaders,who are responsible and not the power hungry goons, the thinkers who are progressive and ready to contribute towards nation building and certainly not over ambitious masters.

Election is not an individualistic doctrine violating people from each other,

It’s a Community -Building ,bcz people are part of a community, they have responsibilities to serve the community in response to its needs

...Responsibility is the key stone of social order..

‘We must be able to trust a Leader to carry out commitments’.

The laws protects without financial OR legal resource to fulfill commitments

At the same time, laws give freedom to make vows in consultation with persons legally responsible and financially able to fill them, Not to Mandate a Social Structure that should never change

Social order must protect people from rash vows they feel forced to make or which they make without proper understanding of circumstances.

So, “The Nation world wide needs Wise and Virtuous ‘Political Leaders’ who develop a strong nation and ‘not Political Masters ‘ who develop themselves”

GREAT LEADER and LEADERSHIP :PSYCHE* Leadership is having a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless implementation and talented people working together.

* Leader:There is something about being onstage, having adoring followers, that’s fuel for the insatiable ego.

* It’s important to understand the many layers of a leader, not only on the surface but what’s underneath -the man behind the mask and how that shapes the leader’s behavior.

* Collective Wisdom:To produce comprehensive political and psychological profiles and a deeper understanding of the volatile influences of personality on global affairs.

* The Personalities, Ethics, Behavior, Motives, Judgements, Integrity and Management Styles of political leaders must also be addressed.

For a Politician, Political Psychology is important bcz it gives him INSIGHTS into the behavior pattern of VOTERS. It examines the variables affecting different types of political behavior, such as VOTE choice, partisanship and Participation.

Good leaders know when to lead and when to step back. Having a vision of seeing what is invisible to others, followed by the venture.

Leadership since history is to celebrate human freedom and to accept responsibility for free human choices

….Understand Human Need For Tangible Reminders… πŸ‘πŸ˜Š



Every Individual in the society has a wholeness & every society in the world has some social norms & traditions adopted by them over the years.

The social norms are nothing but the Psychological impressions acquired by an individual from infancy to old age.

Every individual even being part of the same society is exposed to different types of mental & physical situations, resulting into different kinds of reactions, behavior & attitudes.

To maintain harmony & peace in the society, written laws and its sincere implementation is a minor factor but MINDSET of the people of the society is the major factor.

Law treats everybody equal and it does not differentiate an individual’s emotional, mental or intelligence levels, whereas, psychological applications can assess individual’s emotional & intelligence levels to provide better & fair solutions of problems.

Rules, Regulations/Reforms supported by psychological applications can lead to not only better implementation of these reforms but also better results in due course of time.


* Social Security and Economic Status are two major factors towards harmony in any society.

Economic status of any individual is a result of hard work and opportunities availed/faced by an individual and it has less impact on emotions. Whereas, Psychological impressions caused due to social insecurity have greater impacts on the life.

An environment of social security can pace the ways towards better economic status whereas vice-versa may not be true.

* Psychological impressions are difficult to quantify but can be assessed and improved upon by meticulous use of Psychology.


The discipline of Psychology has a long history but in modern scenario the discipline of Psychology has been curtailed to Academics and Research works.

The Psychologists can play a much wider role towards the mental health of the society by helping people understand their emotions, behaviors and managing them to lead a better life.

The discipline of Psychology can contribute at every stage of life from infancy to old age.

* The Psychologist can play a decisive role to perform better in schools, empowering adults cope with relationship and interpersonal relations in the society.

# Doctors Play a large role to maintain the physical health of a Nation, Lawyers play a role to maintain the legal health of a nation, Economists can……& so on, similarly ‘PSYCHOLOGISTS’ can be very instrumental in constructing better MENTAL HEALTH of the Nation.

In today’s Economic Oriented World, there is an urgent need to understand that all economic reforms will lead to certain social consequences and Psychological Applications can play a vital role by simultaneously changing the Mindsets of Society by helping people understand their emotions and behaviors.


*With the Boom of technology and changes in lifestyle of human beings, there is a steep fall in the human tolerance level and social ethics.

Inspite of having placed severe legal actions against the defaulters of rape, financial misappropriationss…etc, the number of defaulters has increased instead of having subdued by stronger law.

Any financial reform, amendments in law or change in governmental course of actions are incomplete without changing the mindset of the community and the best way to change the mindset is to increase the role of psychology.

*Implementations of such reforms if not amalgamated with Psychological Applications may cause social trauma, a repressive dictatorship and extreme economic uncertainty. Hence well understood and planned role of Psychology in society and organizations will definitely improve the mental health of the society.


*The Ultimate Aim of Human Life is MENTAL PEACE and which can be achieved by changing the mindset at Grass Root Level*

Sudden change in law or economic reforms may convey the feeling of social trauma by repressive dictatorship and may cause economic uncertainty.

*For better mental health of society the Motto like ‘Catch them Young’ may contribute more by implementation of comprehensive Psychological Education in Schools and societies.

Identification of areas of interest and aptitude of children at young age can help them a long way towards their self growth and thus a contented Society.


*The largest and most challenging resource available in this Universe is the “Human Resource “. *

Unlike other natural or machinery resources there are no set of rules to control the human resource, but to channelize it’s tremendous energy in desired direction for the required output, the only thumb rule is to understand the Psychology of human being by using the Psychological Applications and take the corrective measures at the appropriate time.

* Psychological Applications are great instruments to assess the behavior and orientation of an individual of the society and to understand and manage human resource is the most viable option.


Psychology is scientific, logic and continuous study of mental processes, behavior and experiences derived from various experimental studies carried out on different sections of society under different set of parameters.

Timely and systematic use of Psychological Applications is the most viable option to change the perceptions at the conceiving stage and corrective measures to control the mindset at early stages.

There are large numbers of Psychological Applications available to assess intelligence level and orientation of students in educational institutes and in the societies

*Due to lack of understanding the subject and it’s fruitful applications by the environment, the Discipline of Psychology has been restricted to only Academics.

Applications of Psychology Tests will not only benefit the society but will boost the value of the discipline psychology by placing updated outputs of practical applications on record.


Psychological weapons can create a more positive or negative environment and can be more fruitful or harmful than the conventional weapons used in military wars. Infact even conventional wars are ignited with Psychological Propagandas.

Any step towards social and economic reforms in society is required to be covered with Psychological Applications for smooth transformations.

The worst of Wars have never been won without psychological advantages.

*Personnel having higher morale (psychological status of human) will always perform better under worst of circumstances.

* It is not the circumstances but the psychological status of any individual which dictates the performance and output at that time *


The discipline of Psychology is not a subject of only academics but of practical applications.

Social norms and human mindsets are the subject of continuous changes and so the applications of Psychology

*With the changing sources of entertainment, vanishing group cultural activities and increasing trend of nuclear families, the role of discipline psychology has increased many Folds*

* The potential of social media has increased and interpersonal relations have badly suffered.

* Emotions are being fulfilled through electronics equipments and individual tolerance level has reduced.

* Human being has become more self centered And over ambitiousness of self/family/friend/colleagues/aquaintances etc has changed the Psychology of human being.

* Economic issues have taken over the social values and in the changed environment the Role of Psychologist is full of challenges.

* It would not be wrong to appoint Psychologists in the office of PM, Supreme Court and all the offices which matter,which can act as Buffer and bring the change in the society.

Now its upto the Guardians of Psychology to come forward and accept the challenges for betterment of Society by helping the Social fellows in overcoming their emotions to control their behavior and attitude in the New Digital Era.


……… divya……….